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GF v4 JSF view scoped managed bean problem

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Joined: 2006-03-27

I am currently making my GF v3 webapp work on GF v4. I have a JSF page that has a view scoped JSF managed bean. Only it's lifecyple is being managed by the container and I have not declared any managed properties on my bean. It is referenced from various EL expressions in my .xhtml faces page. In this case the relevant page contents have a commandLink, that referenced the bean and rerenders the page using a ajax request.

This works as expected on GF v3 but on GF v4, the JSF managed bean is removed and recreated, after a completely randomly number of clicks on the commandLink. Since I am not navigating to a different page. I would expect "view scoped" beans to be recreated only when the view is changed by a navigation action, and therefore keep its state during any number of ajax page updates.

Are there any additional requirements on the bean for GFv4/JSF2.2 or do I miss something in the JSF scoping rules?