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An error when perform "./asadmin start-domain domain1"

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I installed GlassFish V4 with JDK 7 on the CentOS 6.4 which ran on VMware Fusion 5.0.3 on my MAC.

As the method showed on "Quick Start" from Oracle, I key in "./asadmin start-domain" with default "domain1" and press "Enter", below message was shown.

"com.sun.enterprise.universal.xml.MiniXmlParserException: "Xml Parser Error: The server element for server does not exist.
Command start-domain failed."

This message confused me extremely. I really don't know how to understand this message.

Could you share your understanding for it? Thanks in Advance.

BTW, it is my first time to use GlassFish, as a beginner, "step by step" is necessary for me, absolutely. *_*

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Joined: 2013-08-06

Hi Chris,

Could you post the few lines just before that one and the stack trace from the logs?

My first thought on what might be happening is that the domain.xml is corrupted somehow. Whether that's the case or not, there is a element in a necessary XML configuration file which is either not there or not being found by the parser.

How did you install Glassfish? If you want to try starting again from scratch, just to make sure everything happens correctly, you might want to use this blog post by a colleague of mine which takes you through installing and using Glassfish 4 for the first time. I find that using the ZIP distribution is the easiest and most straightforward for me when I am creating a fresh environment.

Mike Croft
C2B2 Expert Support