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elasticity in glassfish

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I am trying to try out elasticity feature in glassfish. I am following this tutorial:
but with slight modifications. I have my own virtualization plugin. Here are commands I fired:

asadmin create-ims-config-jims --networkAddress= --networkInterface=e1000g0 --snapshotsrc=/templateZone.backup --password=futbol --zfspool=rpool
asadmin create-server-pool --subnet --portname "e1000g0" --virtualization jims jimssp1
asadmin create-server-pool-user --serverpool jimssp1 --userId 0 --groupId 0 root
asadmin create-template --indexes "ServiceType=JavaEE,VirtualizationType=jims" EEjims
asadmin create-template --indexes "ServiceType=LB,VirtualizationType=jims" LBjims
asadmin create-template-user --groupid 0 --userid 0 --template LBjims --virtualization jims root
asadmin create-template-user --groupid 0 --userid 0 --template EEjims --virtualization jims root
asadmin create-machine --serverpool jimssp1 --ip jimsm1
asadmin deploy --availabilityenabled=true --passwordfile /Desktop/glassfish3/bin/passwords.txt /Desktop/backup/SimpleSessionDemo.war
asadmin create-alert --passwordfile passwords.txt --service SimpleSessionDemo --expression "countTrue [avg(jvm_memory.heap.used)*100/jvm_memory.maxMemory > 50] /cluster_instance_size.currentSize * 100> 66" alert1

Unfortunately... I NullPointerException is thrown. I debugged code and I noticed that it is being thrown in at line 144:

142. ElasticServiceContainer service = (ElasticServiceContainer) elasticServiceManager.getElasticServiceContainer(servicename);
143. AlertConfig alert  = elasticServices.getElasticService(servicename).getAlerts().getAlert(name);
144. service.addAlert(alert);

service variable is null. So my question - how can I prevent it?
How can I monitor cluster behavior? (I wish I could test my plugin)
In addition I would like to monitor it in context of load balancing. I created similar topic about loadbalancer here:

P.S. due to secure-admin I am unable to turn on paas console

kindly thank you for any piece of advice,

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Joined: 2012-02-12

I found CreateElasticServiceCommand class which I suppose is for creating elasticity containers, but there are some commented lines of code. Another relevant class is

ElasticEngineImpl (with startElasticService method fully commented)

Is elasticity module not ready to be used? How can I turn on auto scaling? The only way to use it is to uncomment this and make my own build or wait until it will be done?