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CommunicationsException & SocketException: Broken pipe on Glassfish 3.1.2

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I am a relative glassfish newcomer. i have inherited a server and apps. I have updated and redeployed them recently and am now getting errors like those in the attached file, after 8 hours, typically through the night.

This issue was not evident before the update, and i had successfully previously updated the apps. I have been through my recent changes and have been unable to find an instance where i am not closing a connection properly etc.

So my question(s) are:
Could this error occur as a result of config changes to the server alone?
I updated the apps by un-deploying then deploying and restarting the server (not using redeploy). Could this method of updating have lost configuration settings?

Otherwise is there a method i can employ to try to debug any potential leaks i have inadvertently introduced?

Many Thanks

errors.txt2.39 KB