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Clustering two standalone servers

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I am currently investigating the porting of our product to Glassfish 4. We have a couple of scenarios in which we make use of distributed cache to form our own "Domain" of non-homogenous server instances.

I am trying to map this to the glassfish concepts, but I think I am going against the grain a little with regards the DAS and its clusters. What I really want is to have two glassfish installations; host1 and host2, and configure them as standalone servers talking over the same GMS clustering parameters.

Concepts aside for now, is it actually possible to achieve ?

I have installed two separate glassfish distributions and configured both .../domains/domain1/domain.xml and .../domains/domain1/domain.xml files with the same GMS multicast settings, and specified their membership type to be CORE instead of the default SPECTATOR (for DAS).

I can't see anywhere to switch the DAS type off and I cannot find anywhere to specify override instance names (i.e. on boot up they are set to -instancename server)

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Joined: 2010-06-11

It seems that by changing the GMSAdapterImpl to use a separate member name to the default server/instance name, it is possible to cluster the standalone servers.

However, integration within the Administration Console and some cluster-related CLI commands is lost.