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Authentication for remote access of an EJB

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Joined: 2013-10-07

I've seen this question asked before, but I have not seen an answer.

I am accessing EJB's on GF from a JSF managed bean in a Tomcat instance on a separate physical box. I cannot use the appclient approach. I need to be able to use a username/password when accessing GF via IIOP. I tried what worked on our other JEE server which was just to set the principal/credentials in That does not work with GF.

With 'IIOP Client Authentication' turned off in GF, everything works fine. There are no connectivity issues. Once I turn on 'IIOP Client Authentication', I keep getting CORBA_NO_PERMISSION errors. I've tried every solution I could find for this and none of them worked.

Is this even possible? This is the JEE reference implementation, correct? I would find it very odd if it was not supported. I'm hoping this is just a configuration issue.

Are there any developers of GF here that could assist with this?

EDIT: This appears to be my issue: (6 years and no work on it?!?)

Regards, Patrick

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Joined: 2013-10-07

For the moment, I am using SSL Mutual Authorization with self-signed certificates.