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Advice For Glassfish Newbie - Where do I get started?

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Joined: 2011-03-08

Hello. I was told that I should check out Glassfish for my project, but I'm not sure how to search for a Getting Started guide that suits my needs. Can you help?
I want to create and run a web service on my ubuntu machine. When called to do so, this application will store user-generated categories that can be searched for later.
Sounds simple enough, no?
Yet... when I look for resources, they have assumptions about what you have installed. Here is what I have.

- A machine running ubuntu
- Eclipse

Do any of you know of a resource that has directions for the following?

1. Downloading and installing glassfish. The project page has good information for this.
2. Running glassfish and setting up configurations required to make it interact with a sample project.
3. Downloading, installing, and running any plugins for Eclipse that some tutorial videos seem to use but never explain...

Thank you very much! I very much want to learn and build with Glassfish, so please believe that I truly appreciate your help in getting set up from scratch!