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Admin Console for GlassFish 4.0 does not start on Windows 7

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Joined: 2014-07-11

Hi guys,

I have downloaded Glassfish 4.0 from classic location first on a Windows 7 machine

unzipped the content and executed asadmin start-domain (for the predefined domain1). Then I try to access http://localhost:4848 in Firefox or Chrome.
Admin Console comes up and shows continuous loading widget, and if one tries to reload it fails in browser with 404 for


and in the logs last entries are

INFO: Loading application [__admingui] at [/]
INFO: Loading application __admingui done in 5,028 ms
WARNING: Context path from ServletContext: differs from path from bundle: /
SEVERE: PWC6117: File "D:\Program Files\glassfish-4.0\glassfish\lib\install\applications\__admingui\common\index.jsp" not found

However, if I access the following link http://locahost:4848/login.jsf then I can access and login into admin console.This link is not documented anywhere in Glassfish, I found on it on a forum, so I'm not sure how reliable it is. I'm also not sure, if the server is installed and running properly.

Exactly same package downloaded, unzipped and executing same steps as above but on Ubuntu 1.3.10 works out of the box without any problems.
Any ideas why glassfish won't work on some Windows 7 machines with official links? Thanks,


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Joined: 2012-06-21

Well just a guess, but is it possible that "D:\Program Files" is owned by an administrator and you, as a user, don't have access on the resources...

I have Glassfish installed in "C:\Program Files\Glassfish" and the domain unter "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Glassfish\domains". I am executing Glassfish as user from Netbeans and it runs like a charm. I have defined the default domain directory in "asenv.bat" with "%APPDATA%\Glassfish\domains" so that each user on the machine can create his own domain to work with.

Joined: 2014-07-11

I'll check that too. But my user is has administrator lavel. I have lots of applications installed or unzipped on D:/, and none has a single acess problem. Regards

So, also tried on C: drive - same behavior. I can't believe that this situation happens only in my case. It is not only a admin console login issue, later deployment logins are not working properly. I am not shown a login form, it takes me directly inside with user null.
I think that both situations are somehow related.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks