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Access glassfiwh apps from LAN network

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Hello there,

I am developping an application hosted on Glassfish v3.1 (on Windows 7) and I would like to be able to access the application from other devices on my local network (iPad, iPhone, other computers...) for testing purpose.

I spent some hours searching and testing lots of stuff I do not understand well (I hate environement configuration...).

Here is some details of what I've tried.

My app is accessible from the local machine with localhost:8080/MyApp and from
It is not accessible at all from another device.
I can ping from the remote device (but can't ping

Concernaing the firewall:
* Stop windows firewall: No change.
* Add rules to allow all inbound and outbound requests on 8080 port: No change
* Add rules to allow inbound as outbound java.exe requests: No change

Concerning the network-listener:
I read that the property address in network-listener (http-listener-1) tag should be, or the ip address of my interface. So I've tested with, but no change so I left

Lots of my research ends on a post about accessing admin control panel remotely... Not exactlty what I want but it's not working neither. (SSL works well on localhost).

Could you help me ?