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Access denied ? Server Policy on R1

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I have three boxes, PROD(R1) TEST(R2) DEVL(R3)
Each box has the following info:
R1 R2 R3

i)10g app server hosting } Redirects->}
home index.html } links to }

R2 glassfish apps domain1
ii)Apex Listener 1 Apex Listener 1 No listener
rpd_prod, rpd_test,rpd_devl
<-- war files -->

RPD_PROD R2 can do an ODBC thru RPD_DEVL
TNS to R1 & R3

web_logic 10.3.6
Installed on R2

I am getting an error can logon to
when log into admin admin
console on R1 saying console on R2
Access denied ? Server Policy.

R2 has access to RPD_PROD, RPD_TEST, RPD_DEVL instances by means of war files.
R1 is erroring out ? Why ?
The second question, can I install weblogic 10.3.6 on R1 while 10g app server running ?
Means can I run two simultaneously on R1 ? The weblogic 10.3.6 on R2 could be de-installed later depending on answer.
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