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404 HTTP return code from Admin console

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I have a customer who is using Glassfish v2.1.1. on AIX. When he tries to bring up the admin console login page in his browser, he gets a 404 error.

Here is the entry from the log file:

[#|2011-06-14T15:01:16.742-0500|SEVERE|sun-appserver2.1|org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServlet|_ThreadID=9;_ThreadName=httpWorkerThread-4848-0;_RequestID=efb51ddd-282f-462d-9987-283bf6cd97dd;|PWC6117: File "/glassfish/glassfish/lib/install/applications/admingui/adminGUI_war/login.jsp" not found|#]

There is no stack trace to help determine the root cause.

I don't have any control over how they manage their systems, so it is possible that they did something to their glassfish installation. When I asked about that, they only thing they could think of is that they changed the admin password. I tried the password on my system and it didn't have a problem. So before I tell them to re-install Glassfish, does anyone know why this could have occurred on the admin console login page ?Thanks