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3.0.1 Enterprise: asadmin create-jms-resource doesn't propagate description when configuring destination resources

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Hi folks,
seems like I my have found another small issue with the asadmin utility.
This is running on the OS edition of Glassfish 3.0.1 (build 22) Enterprise running on Solaris 10 Sparc under JDK 1.6.0_23-b05
When I do:
asadmin create-jms-resource --restype javax.jms.Queue --description "My Description" myQueue
that command works without error - I look in the admin GUI and the queue-type destination has been created - however - it has no description - so --description is being ignored for restype javax.jms.Queue - it works fine if you use --restype javax.jms.ConnectionFactory
you can prove this by doing:
./asadmin get 'resources.admin-object-resource.*'
on of the properties that should come back (based upon a queue name of 'myQueue' is:
resources.admin-object-resource.myQueue.description=My Description.
If I set the the description via the web admin console afterwards it gets set and retained. But this requires a server re-started.
if I do:
asadmin set 'set 'resources.admin-object-resource.myQueue.description=My Description'
to set the description via a property immediately after asadmin create-jms-resource it works fine - without a server restart
Anyone else finding this ?

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This problem still persists as of