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Where should a sub flow return to?

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Hello everybody,

I'm evaluating Faces Flows on Mojarra 2.2.3 and have some trouble with returning from a called flow. Everything works fine, but jumping to the return node in the called flow does always return to the start node of the flow who called it, not to the last visited node on the caller flow. I can't imagine that this is intended...

Configuration file of the caller flow:

	<flow-definition id="customerflow">
<view id="step1">
<view id="step2">
<view id="step3">
<flow-return id="return">
<flow-call id="orderflow">

The caller Page:

<h:commandButton value="Jump To Order Flow" action="orderflow"/>
<h:commandButton value="Finish Customer Flow" action="return" />

The called flow has a default flow 0-byte configuration file.
It returns like this, nothing fancy:

<h:outputText value="Order Step 3" />
<h:commandButton value="Finish Order" action="order-return" />

The result is that the start node "step1" of my customer flow becomes visible. Shouldn't it be rather the caller view "step3"?

Thanks for help,