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What is really happening to JSF ?!

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When Oracle acquired Sun, there were rumours that Oracle was going to scrap JSF. Oracle has not yet created a certification exam for JSF, this is an important point to note.

But, anyway, after a long delay, JSF 2.2 was scheduled to be released by the mid of 2012. Then it was again rescheduled to the end of 2012.

It now seems delaying again. According to the schedule released here, Public Review should have been posted on JCP site by now, but it has not happened and nothing was said about the delay by anyone.

We want to know what is actually heppening to JSF? Please let us know JSF will survive or going to the bin.

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Thanks for your interest in JSF! The only bin JSF is going into is
possibly /usr/local/bin. But seriously, we're working on JSF full
steam! If you want to stay appraised of developments on the the spec,
you can follow @jsf_spec on twitter. This very low-bandwith twitter
account postts when there is something important to say about the spec.

A more detailed approach is to subscribe to the
users@javaserverfaces-spec-public mailing list. Visit
for a link. You have to join

You are correct that we re-evaluated our schedule once again, this time
to include more HTML5 capabilities in the 2.2 spec. Here is an excerpt
from my mail to the EG on 27 July 2012. [1]

You've no doubt noticed my .signature counting down the days until I
deliver a snapshot of the Public Review Draft (PRD) milestone of the
specification to this list. Well, that counter reached zero on
Tuesday, and here is a draft of the specification, but it's *not* the
PRD version.


After looking into 1089-PassThroughAttributes and
1111-PassThroughElements, I have come to the conclusion that HTML5 is
almost as important to JSF 2.2 as Ajax was to JSF 2.0. Not quite as
important, but still important.

I'd like to see what you all think about adding enough time to the
schedule to get 1111-PassThroughElements done correctly for JSF 2.2.

I expect another two or three months should be enough, including time to
tighten up the other loose ends.

So, we're not headed for the bin, but we are taking the time to get it

Thanks again for your interest,



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I think they've decided to take the enjoyable and comfortable way :-)