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ui:repeat's bug in GlassFish v4.

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Joined: 2010-04-03

I am developing web applcation with facelets,I used <ui:repeat> as

                            <select id="actorGroupId" required="required">
                                <ui:repeat value="${meta.actorGroupsExceptAdmin}" var="ag">
                                    <option value="${}">${}</option>

after it was rendered,I found the html source code is

    <select id="actorGroupId" required="required"><ui:repeat>
          <option value="service">xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</option></ui:repeat><ui:repeat>
          <option value="manager">yyyyyyyyyyyyy</option></ui:repeat>

<ui:repeat> tag shouldn't appear in html source code, but...
It impact some browsers , e.g.IE9~10.
I'm not familiar with English, can anybody report the bug, please.