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Mojarra JSF 2.1.x servlet requirement or dependency

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Joined: 2012-02-08

Can anyone tell me how to reconcile this information?

says that JSF (Mojarra) 2.1 series depends on a servlet 3.0 container.


the maven config for JSF (Mojarra) 2.1 (2.1.2, in this case), shows a dependency on a servlet 2.5 container

We currently have a sandbox environment set up with a stack that can only provide servlet 2.5, and it seems to be working, with some occasional hiccups. Are we in for surprises down the line, or is the official requirement or dependency different than the actual dependency? In other words, is a stack with servlet 2.5 really sufficient for including JSF 2.1.x?



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Joined: 2012-02-08

From a chat just now on ##jsf:

[11:18] <@edburns> JSF 2.1 does not, and will not, require anything more than Servlet 2.5.
[11:19] <@edburns> JSF 2.2 will require Servlet 3.0. Practically speaking the requirement is due to the need to provide <h:inputFile> for file upload.

[11:21] <Jasman> Thank you, @edburns

[11:22] <Jasman> Why do the release notes say otherwise (for Mojarra 2.1.x)?

[11:22] <@edburns> Jasman: Thanks for pointing that out. I think it's an error in the relnotes.
[11:22] <@edburns> rogerk1: Can you please investigate the problem pointed out by Jasman here?
[11:23] <Jasman> Thanks for the clarification