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JSF resourcing @ Oracle...

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Joined: 2011-03-28

How many people work full-time and dedicated to JSF as opposed to general glassfish development?
Am I the only person to suspect that Oracle, for some reason, are neglecting this vitally important
technology? I hope to hear the answer that there are at least 50 principal engineers working on this
project right at this time. Am I right? If not, is it time to really go open source?

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Joined: 2004-05-06

Currently there are 3 people on JSF Mojarra in Oracle. One of the three is 80% on JSF.
Mojarra is open source. We do have a few external commiters, but could really use more.
Are you volunteering to help?

Joined: 2011-03-28

It really is far from a sufficient level of backing, and I have a extreme sympathy with the heroic three who
are keeping this alive. My concern is that whilst also taking a leadership position on the expert group,
you guys are also dealing with all the design, development, testing, community relations, attending
conferences etc... It doesn't leave much left to get the important work done of fixing bugs and adding
new features. The obvious question is 'how has this all changed since the SUN days?'. Have they raided
the Mojarra team to bolster ADF? I quite understand if it's a difficult question to answer in so public a

By taking a fresh look at opening this up more you could really improve the situation, but clearly the
dynamics of the whole situation change. My personal preference has always been for small but very
highly skilled teams, so I quite understand that you don't want any old Tom, Dick or Harry having a go.
As the number of committers increases you need a gatekeeper/QA role which isn't everyones idea of
fun, but again, this effort can be distributed also as long as the appropriate procedures are in place.

As for me helping out, I've only been back developing for a couple of years after a long spell in
management, but there are a lot of people out there with great skills and experience, who, by
dedicating a comparitively small amount of time, all together could make a big difference to this
project. When I've got a phase 1 deliverable out of the door and hopefully able to reduce my
workload below 90 hours a week, and if at that time I've got what it takes, I'd personally be
interested in making a contribution.

As a starting point why not put together a bug fix hit squad to deal with some low risk issues, those
things that you're fairly sure won't require major surgery? This kind of work is a great introduction
to the code and understanding the development processes, this was how I started in my operating
systems development days.

Joined: 2004-05-06

Thanks so much for you interest in JSF. If you know anyone that would be willing to help out in the community, they could start by submitting patches to some of the JIRA issues.