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JSF Layout Issue

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Joined: 2014-02-05

Hi forum,

I have a layout issue.

Following Situation:

I have a small WebApp using JSF/MyFaces and Primefaces.

This WebApp contains two pages

1) Login.xhtml
This page shows a Login-Dialog (application logo / username/password/login button)

2) UserTableScreen.xhtml
This table is the implementation of a JSF-template (The template is made of a composition of three pages for header(primefaces menubar)/content and footer) replacing the content of the template showing a primefaces datatable which contains all users known in the system and CRUD-buttons)

I deploy that webapp using maven on a recent Jetty-Server.

I used ThemeRoller to design a custom Primefaces Theme and some additional CSS-magic within the pages / the page template to get the intended look of the application (global background color; ui-widget-font-size 90%...). I wrote the CSS-statements using FireBug on Firefox 26.

Login.xhtml relies on