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Glassfish 4 setup for Rails/Jruby

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I'm exploring using Glassfish 4 for a JRuby/Rails application (on a windows 7 development machine); however, most documentation on this pertains to earlier Glassfish versions. This is a request for documentation or setup assistance on how to accomplish this.

My current experience is finding difficulties in deploying a WAR file to Glassfish (successfully) but going to localhost:8080/test/ results in 404 errors. The rails application is essentially empty and runs fine in Webrick. The Glassfish seems to serve the default error pages successfully (eg, localhost:8080/test/404.html). Therefore, it appears it's not recognizing the JRuby/Rails application or starting the application, hence my assumption that it's a setup issue. I've followed the version 3 documentation, in this case adding JRUBY_HOME into config files and inserting into the domain.xml file: -Djruby.home=C:\Program Files\jruby-1.7.5, although again, also understanding version 4 has changed things. Any pointers or setup documentation would be appreciated.

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