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Glassfish How to upgrade eclipselink to 2.4.1?

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I'm new to Glassfish. I found instructions for applying the latest version of EclipseLink to Glassfish, which was installed as part of our netbeans 7 installation, however they are not for the latest version of Glassfish and when I tried to complete this task, the server wouldn't start. Even after purging the cache. I would really appreciate some help to upgrade EclipseLink. I am sure that this info will help others, too.

My Steps
0) Stop the glassfish server;
1) Download the latest version of EclipseLink;
2) Unzip the downloaded file;
3) Remove all of the *source* jars from the unzipped folder;
4) Copy all of the remaining files to C:\Program Files\glassfish-\glassfish\modules;
(Please note that the original files do not have any version information in the file
names, so they are not replaced by the new files, which include version info in the
5) Edit the Server Library EclipseLink for Server. Remove all previous jars; Add only the new files that came in the Eclipse 2.4.1 zipped file (javax*, org.eclipse*, etc.)
6) Delete the osgi cache in C:\Program Files\glassfish-\glassfish.
7) Start the glassfish server.

Thank you for your time and help,