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Configuring a remote Glassfish Node

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Joined: 2013-05-11

My DAS is running on windows 7, and I'm trying to configure a remote node on linux. I am attempting to connect via SSH with no pass phrase, just a private key but I am not able to connect. I can, however, successfully connect using the same key file using Putty or FileZilla. Does anyone know what the problem might be? Below is the error I'm getting along with some of my settings. Thanks in advance.

Warning: some parameters appear to be invalid. Node not updated. To force an update of the node with these parameters rerun the command using the --force option. Could not connect to host using SSH. Could not authenticate.


Type: SSH


Node Directory: linuxNodeTestDirectory

Installation Directory: /usr/glassfish/glassfish3

The full path to the parent of the base installation directory of the GlassFish Server software on the host, for example, /export/glassfish3.

Force: Not Enabled

SSH Port: 22

SSH User Name: ec2-user

SSH User Authentication: Key File

Setup SSH: Not Enabled

Key File: C:\Users\jack\ssh\Roy.ppk

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Joined: 2013-08-06

What command did you use to get that error message? It looks to me like the problem is that SSH has not been set up between the two hosts.

Before you can connect over SSH with a key file, you need to let the remote asadmin know that you want to establish connections using that key from that specific server. For that you'll need the setup-ssh asadmin command:

So in your case, you would need to run the command:
setup-ssh --sshuser ec2-user --keyfile <private-key-file> --sshpublickeyfile C:\Users\jack\ssh\Roy.ppk

Hope that helps.

Mike Croft
C2B2 Expert Support