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serious trouble with my NetBeans and the GlassFish server

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Joined: 2011-08-09

I am having serious trouble with my NetBeans and the GlassFish server, initially as of two days ago i was able to run few examples of web applications i have on my netbeans, but i don't know how it works cos initially i was made to believe that the GlassFish server that came with my NetBeans is not working each time i try to lunch it.

I made it up to NetBeans site to download GlassfFish Server 3 and installed it, to my surprise all i could discover is that all the web app examples i try to run since then did not run and each time i try it the information that keep poping-up is that "GlassFish Server 3 Server cannot start. Port is occupied."
A particular directory on my system will now be showed in my editor, in-front of which i will also see The Module has not been deployed .
Please, i have try all i could through re-installing and even to the NetBeans and SunJava websites to get the problem solved, but no solution yet,help me out of this problem so that i can move on with other things.
Am counting on you all

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Joined: 2011-07-13

Go to glassfish directory and delete domain. Create a new domain with different instance port and debug port parameters. In the asadmin under glassfish/bin directory you could see an example of how to create-domain. It is pretty easy. Then add the server to your netbeans as new server under tools/server. Specify the new ports rather than the default port.