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Glassfish Eclipse Plugin: How do I configure the debug and JMX ports?

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When I create my Glassfish domain, I use the --portbase=8000 to set the ports. This causes glassfish to use port 8009 for the debug port and port 8086 for JMX. It seems the plugin doesn't pick up on these ports because it is unable to attach the debugger when I press the debug icon on the servers tab to start glassfish. Also, I get an exception connecting to the JMX port at startup. How does the plugin determine the debug and jmx ports and how do I configure it to use the ports set in the domain?

Environment: Eclipse Indigo, Glassfish 3.1.1 (running externally)

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The plugin doesn't support that use-case.

I am looking through the code to see what changes are needed to support it.


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Any news about this issue?
I am currently struggling with the same case, a different debug port has been set up for the server.