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Glasfish plugin

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How does the plugin decide to

1) stop and start server

2) keep server running but redeploy the app

3) just hotswap the file such as a ui file change.

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Joined: 2012-05-22

There are various plugins available on Visual V M Plugins Center including 3rd party plugins.

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Let's see..

1) The server is started when the user action requires that the server be running to complete. The plugin stops the server when the user exits out of Eclipse, when the user requests that the server be stopped and when the user has a server running in 'normal mode' and they use 'Debug on Server'.

2) any save of a java file.... if publish on save is active. If 'publish on save' is disabled, the plugin does a redeploy when the user requests a redeploy.

3) just about any save of a non-java file will be visible 'immeditaely' when publish on save is active.