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Does glassfish plugin do hotswap deployment ?

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Joined: 2011-07-13

I am using the newest glassfish OS 3.1.1 and plugin from Eclipse Indigo "3.7". When I do the development, I marked it as publish as sources change but this causes it to redeploy the whole app rather than single java backing bean I changed. Slows me down since I have to do a lot of visual repetitious steps to get to the desired point.

Is there a way to hotswap just the changed file when I am doing directory deployment for glassfish ?

PS. Yep I hate not having proper unit testing on ui app but it was done before when I got here...

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Joined: 2006-03-08

What about changing JSF files? I haven't seen my GF 3.1.1 or GF 3.1.2 do a hot redeploy when changing those. True?


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Changing a java file will force the whole app to be redeployed. That is the way it has always been. If you make changes to a jsp file and the like, the app is not redeployed... since the jsp will get recompiled when you access it.

The app redeployment should not trash your session state. It sounds like that is the major part of your issue, right?

You may be able to start the app server in debug and then use JDWP's ability to hot swap some changes to a class as a work-around for redeployment... but you will need to turn off the publish on save behavior of Eclipse.


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Have the same "problem". I'm working on Eclipse Helios.

HotSwap was possible with previous version of glassfish (3.0.1) for me.