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which variable to use?

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hello, this is my first post so here goes.

im trying to write a program that asks a user to answer a question with a pre determined set of answers. the user is then asked a further 3 questions. with the answers combined from all four questions I want
the program to generate a certain file that is a result of the answers received.

for each set of four answers there will be a different file opened.

im not too fussed about the file part. im pretty certain ill be able to manage that when i get to it. however im stumped at which variable to use for the answers. shall i use String or boolean? there won't be any int, double or char used.

ive tried both using a bunch of if else statements and can't seem to crack it. my main problem at the minute is using the pre determined set of answers as variables and managing the program to continue onto the next question, as well as asking the user to try again if the input is incorrect. so i need to know what the best way of going about it and which variable to use.

a friendly push in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.