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What Is A Proxy Server?

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A proxy server is a server that can be found between, for example, a client PC web browser and a real server. When the client application sends a request to the real server, the proxy server intercepts the request and tries to comply with it. If the proxy server cannot complete the request it is then forwarded to the real server.

As proxy servers fulfil requests, the results are stored in its cache, So, the next time a client sends the same requests, the result is taken from the proxy's cache, dramatically reducing response time.

Proxy servers can thus be used for servers that, for example, have very high traffic to reduce response time to each request. The real server can then respond to all requests that the proxies cannot fulfil, improving performance drastically.

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A web server can run a program called a proxy.

The web server then becomes a relay station called a proxy server

The user can request a web page and the proxy will request it and deliver it to the user.

This is useful if the user cannot request the web page directly.

It may be blocked in the country of the user or maybe the user does not want anyone to know about the request.

An example is China where the internet is heavilly censored.

Another example is Singapore where the only connection to a web page is through the government proxy.

As a webmaster a recommended free proxy program is