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spring with mongodb

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Joined: 2014-06-14

In my spring with mongodb project i want to fetch the data between two ISODate .How it is possible? please help me. The data in the mongodb is like following:

collection name is mycollection and there is a field name creationTime like this:

"creationTime" : { "logtime" : ISODate("2013-09-12T08:39:07.227Z"), "logtimeStr" : "12-09-2013 02:09:07", "day" : 12, "month" : 9, "year" : 2013, "hour" : 14, "min" : 9, "second" : 7 }

and now i want to retrieve data from this collection on between two logtime by using spring.

I tried by using these mongo query but it always gives zero.

Please help