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SOA challenges and success factors

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Dear all,

I am doing a research on SOA challenges and success factors in the companies migrated to SOA and therefore looking for your inputs based on your real work experience.
Even it is not a SOA forum, I assume that there are a lot of people on this forum working with SOA as well and hope to receive your input. You can contribute by responding a survey which has purpose to gather real-life experience about SOA challenges and success factors in SOA projects.
Below is a link to survey that consists of 4 parts including SOA state in your company, SOA challenges, SOA success factors and general questions about a responder. The lists of SOA challenges and SOA success factors are generated based only on the literature review (literature sources between 2006 and 2012).
The responding this survey takes 3 to 10 minutes depends on how much you are willing to contribute :-).
Thank you very much for you time and contribution!
All the best,