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Simple Java3D question.

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Joined: 2010-12-11

I have a simple question pertaining to java3D minimum crease angle and tuple clamping. Is there anyone who can
conclusively answer and reply to my question here?

I have the simple case of doing a bend transformation on a tall cylinder about halfway through, like
creating a bend on a, say, human arm leaving an elbow. I expect that this will leave a slight pinch.

If I have not used the default cylinder, and have defined my cylinder by means of my own points,
and the Transform3D Matrix Node selection includes two points as part of the height
of my cylinder halfway through, I may attempt one of the following:

-I may go NormalGenerator.setCreaseAngle(theta) here, where theta is slightly
greater than zero, hence introducing a second generated normal for a smooth curve
(inside and outside my "elbow").

-Will this approach generate a smooth surface curve more contiguously, as simply
as I might now expect?