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Server/clients connection periodically ask for a file

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Joined: 2011-06-28

Good afternoon. I'm trying to build an interface where the server can periodically (eg, 1 time a day) to communicate with clients and ask them to return a file (namely CkeckSum). can someone help me because I am not guru in java

the workflow goes like that
1. The server communicates with the clients 1 time per day
2. checks if server's checksum file is the same with clients' checksum
3a. if yes ok
3b if no then runs another programm.

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Joined: 2011-07-02

If you mean "Does not anybody want to write this program for me, for I do not want to write it myself", then I suppose that general answer is "No! Noone wants to spend the time trying understand what do you want, writing what you want - and then it possibly appear that though you want it, you need it not really".

But you could choose one of two better ways:

1) Offer your task for a small money at some web-lance resource.

2) Try to write it yourself, and if you stuck with some problem, ask here for advice. By the way it is not obvious why you need java (not C or PHP depending on the type of your "server" and your project).