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Run a class from another Class *PLEASE RESPOND ASAP*

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Joined: 2013-11-14

How do i make one class run another class. Here's explanation of what i'm asking:

In my code i'm working on, in eclipse Kepler, I made a Password Gui and i want to run my game after you type in the correct password. But both of the codes are in 2 different classes but in the same project.

If i want my game code to run which is named "Game" (Without quotes) After this code where and what would i type?

Heres the code for the "PasswordDemo" class (where it accepts the password if correct and runs correct output):

if (OK.equals(cmd)) { //Process the password.
char[] input = passwordField.getPassword();
if (isPasswordCorrect(input)) {
"You are granted access!");

If you need anything else please ask me (I will not give out full code nor code of my Game. thank you if you can help me.

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Joined: 2013-11-28

Your problem gets easily solved by using dynamic class-loader and reflection.