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Problem Locating minor Bug

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public class ForDemo1
public static void main(String[] args)
int x = 0, y = 10;
  for(System.out.println("Call Me A Coder or Programmer" ); x < 10; System.out.println("As Long As I Will Become Software Engr. \n AM OK") ;);
  System.out.println(x + "," + y);
  x++ ;
  y-- ;



Am a newbie so to speak and i have been trying my hand in java to start programming for few months now, so to that effect i have try my wits in little demonstrations in few lines of codes which i have found a considerably interesting so far.
The above is one of few lines of flow control i have tried, but this particular one is given me problem, cos it fails to compile and i have done all i could to locate the bug, unfortunately till now i couldn't,so i decide to bring it here for assistance and more on all what i need do to fast track my learning and make my programming more fun.
Thanks for helping me out.

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You have an infection of semicolons is why it won't compile. :)