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Photos and/or Video from USB WebCan in Java?

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Can anyone point me as to how to take a picture from a USB WebCam (i.e. Logitech) in Java? I've looked at the Java Media Framework but it looks like really old contents. What the right way to do this in 2011 using Java 6 or Java 7? Also, what the easiest way to capture video from a camera? I'm not looking to build an aplet. I just want to learn how to work with a web cam using Java (if possible). I know that there are for-sale libraries and API's to do this. I'm wondering there's a free open-source project / library available. Does standard Java support this? Thanks guys and gals.

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I've used the Java Media Framework - yes it's old, but it works... Another way is to use Red5 (java/tomcat server) with flash frontend.