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Need serious help with Java on my computer.

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Okay this sounds like its an easy thing to do, but i seriously can not get Java working on my windows computer. Ive tried almost everything which includes:
Deleted older versions of Java. (has no effect)
Downloading the offline version. (didnt work)
Downloading the online version. (didnt work)
Reinstalling Java over and over again. (didnt work)
Checking to see if it installed properly. (it freezes Internet explorer)
Doing a clean boot of my computer. (has no effect)
Try running a program that uses Java. (It comes up with an error.)
Ive contacted talked to a Microsoft tech guy in a chat and nothing worked. He suggested to try to find help on java's website but you have to pay to get help. Plus they dont have a phone number. The error that came up said exactly this, Java Virtual Machine launcher: "Error: could not create the java virtual Machine","Error: a fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit." X(
I use a program called JMRI or Java model railroad interface. Its a program that can use java to program model trains. Its website can be found at and everytime I try to run it, it gives me that error. Also if I go to the install test of that program found under tools and demos it says "Some problem finding/running Java. You must install Java first or fix your Java install." But i download correctly and when its done it says its successfully installed. Something must not be right here. i you would like to know my computer specs here they are.
1.79GHz/896GB of RAM
32 Bit windows XP
Service pack 3 installed.
And an AMD turion 64 processor.
HP pavilion dv5000
This computer did have java at one time and did work with it. I need Java and JMRI on this computer since its useful for small things such as model railroad stuff, email, documents, etc. Can someone please help me out. Hopefully i am in the right place. And thank you for taking the time to read this.