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multi-valued variable

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As booleans can have 2 values, true & false, my program needs a new type of variable that has 5 states. The criteria for this concept must be:
1. Easy to understand.
2. short.

3. Hard to make a mistake.
I have come up with the followinng:
Define an Interface
public interface ExpandedBoolean
public static enum expandedBoolean {NO, RARE, MAYBE, OFTEN, YES};


include the interface in the program
import static multiValue.ExpandedBoolean.*;
The program can then be written:
expandedBoolean doesThisHappen = expandedBoolean.NO;
if (doesThisHappen == expandedBoolean.NO)
System.out.println("Should be NO = " + doesThisHappen);

doesThisHappen = expandedBoolean.RARE;
if (doesThisHappen == expandedBoolean.RARE)
System.out.println("Should be RARE = " + doesThisHappen);

doesThisHappen = expandedBoolean.MAYBE;
if (doesThisHappen == expandedBoolean.MAYBE)
System.out.println("Should be MAYBE = " + doesThisHappen);

doesThisHappen = expandedBoolean.OFTEN;
if (doesThisHappen == expandedBoolean.OFTEN)
System.out.println("Should be OFTEN = " + doesThisHappen);

doesThisHappen = expandedBoolean.YES;
if (doesThisHappen == expandedBoolean.YES)
System.out.println("Should be YES = " + doesThisHappen);
Does anyone have any comments on how to make the concept better according to the 3 criteria?
Thank you

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Joined: 2008-06-07

You do not need the interface.
public enum ExpandedBoolean{