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Memory Streams Pure Java

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I don't know if this has ben done in this forum ,but while I was searching google I found sthe JFileSysLib which has memory stream but I didn't check it.
So here is today a pure java memory stream consisting of three object :
1) MemoryObject : which is basically an interface for a linked list of arrays of bytes that you can interact with directly or use streams
2) MemoryInputStream : which extends the InputStream class giving you the ability to read from the linked list in stream style .
3) MemoryOutputStream : which extends the OutputStream class giving you the ability to write to the linked list in stream style .
4) Test : a small test class for all the above

I'm asking here for your help , I need you to preform testing on these classes , find out what's good and bad about them , what can I do to enhance them and increase there speed

I was unable to upload the file as an attatchment thus here is a link :