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JavaFX How to scroll ScrollPane to have node in the middle of view port?

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I have to create timeline with line showing current time. I'm using AnchorPane with added line placed in ScrollPane. I need to simulate 1 day, scrollpane width is ( 2880px, every 60px is one hour). My limits are ( previous day 12hour, and next day 12 hour). Moving my line is working fine.

All I need to do is to set line in the middle of view port and move content under it. For moving line i'm using this method:

scrollPane.setHvalue( line.getStartX() - anchorPane.width);

It is working "kind of fine". Content is moving but line is moving to. I'm starting when the line is 0:00 ( position is set to 0.25 ) and finishing when position is ( 0.75 ) 24 h. I'm also scaling my time line axis Y so

/* where line position is calculate by scale, scale is x2, x3, x4.... */

scrollPane.setHvalue( line.getStartX() - anchorPane.width * scale);

Please see imgs for hours: 0:00, 12:00, 24:00... Correct line position is only at 12:00... How to modificate function to set position of the line?

scrollpane.png23.1 KB
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