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Java Tutorials on pdf format

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I want to have all the Java SE tutorials from Oracle in book. Therefore I want to ask if someone has all the tutorials in pdf format ?? The tutorials are very handy but there are too many of them to read them from screen.

Or can someone suggest a good book that contains all the topics from the tutorials (not for beginners).

Best Regards.

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Joined: 2014-07-18

I would suggest the following:

1.) Make sure you're using Google Chrome
2.) Find the tutorial online that you like
3.) Press Ctrl + P to print
4.) Under "Destination" change the "printer" to "save as PDF"
5.) Rinse and repeat under you have all the tutorials you want.
6.) Use "PDF Combine" or some similar program to add them all together.

Unfortunately, I don't have this done but I wish you luck.