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Java noob requires help

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First post. :D

Anyway, as the title says, I'm a complete noob at Java programming.

I'm currently in college studying Computing and have been given an assignment to write a program that an imaginary theater company can use to book people in to see its imaginary shows.

Anyway, the problem. I've got the layout sorted and it's all there, but it isn't very interactive. I need a diagram that can update when seats are booked and will show who has booked them if you moused over the box. I've already made the diagram but I need to get a way to link it with a customer. If someone could help me that'd be great.

I'll attach my most up to date backup, if someone could look through it and tell me how I could link the "Bookings" section to the Customer database, I'd really appreciate it.

Sorry if I make little sense.

14.1.2013.zip246.65 KB