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Java EE Application Client + Hibernate.

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Joined: 2010-12-06

Good afternoon everybody,

I'm in a bit of trouble here. I need to develop a Java EE 6 Enterprise Application consisting of only one Enterprise Application Client. My problem is that the Application Client needs Hibernate to have access to some information on a local database. I noticed that if I import the Hibernate libraries, the application client won't deploy on my application server (I'm using Glassfish V3, btw). But if I remove the Hibernate libraries (and comment the lines of code that try to access the database), my application deploys perfectly fine.

So my question is: can you use Hibernate with an Enterprise Application Cliente to access a database (as if it were a plain Java SE app)??? Or is the use of Hibernate limited only to Java EE Web Applications?

Thank you in advance.

PS: I do not want to develop a Enterprise Web Application, like I said, I need an Enterprise Application Client to be able to use Hibernate.

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Joined: 2004-03-04

Actually, you can use any lib as you like .But hibernate is too huge for App client .
As I know, there's a performance issue in ACC Booter in glassfish where you load above 20M jar from server.

Joined: 2010-12-06

Thank you wendyru. But exactly which Hibernate libraries should I import and from where? I mean, if I copy Hibernate's jars and place them on the domain's lib directory, my application client doesn't find them. If I install the Glassfish Hibernate plugin, my client won't find those libraries either (the ones placed in Glassfish's lib directory).
What really bothers me is that my client actually imports 4 other libraries besides Hibernate, and those libraries are place inside the domain's lib directory and IT DOES FIND THEM. So, am I missing something?
(I know Hibernate might be too big for an App client, but I'm forced by a customer to use it.)