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Java Detection Worked, Now it Doesn't

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I was having my people point their browser to my web page to see if their version of Java was new enough for my web-based training. The script was simple and worked fine. Either the last two version of Java and/or has changed, and the script no longer works. I'm appending it at the bottom of this message. Would anyone have an idea how to detect without require the user to "click" on anything once they visit my detection page? Thank you in advance.

<script src=""></script><script> // This section detects Java // check if current JRE version is greater than 1.6.0 if (deployJava.versionCheck('1.6.0_10+') == true) { document.write('

complete ' + ' ' + 'Java Passed' + '

'); } else { document.write('

complete ' + ' ' + 'Java is either not installed or current ' + ' ' + 'Failed

'); } </script>