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Interrupting a running .jar file

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I have a desktop java program which is executed as a .jar file. It contains many classes & screens. Is there a way to interrupt the program by pressing a key, say f1, and going to a class & when I am finished have the program restart where it left off.
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Joined: 2004-06-09

It depends on what the program is doing.

First you should make sure you understand this document: Swing Concurrency.
If you've started a long-running task in the background, the user
interface will still be responsive, so you can have a key listener that
will bring up a dialog box to do whatever you want.

If you've gone off and started a long-running calculation, or a time-consuming
external access (i.e big database lookup) from a Swing event listener, then
the user interface will be hung. In this case you've really got to rewrite
the application so the long-running job is in another background thread.

It's easy to make this mistake, a lot of examples don't show this distinction,
and the result is a lot of people end up think Swing and hence Java, is slow.