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How to post a Tweet in Java using Twitter REST API and Twitter4J Library

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How to post a Tweet in Java using Twitter REST API and Twitter4J Library

In this post, I will demonstrate how you can post a Tweet in Java using the Twitter REST API and an open source third party twitter integration library in java called Twitter4J.

~ Setup Twitter Developer Access
~ Create new Twitter Application and Generate Consumer Key and Consumer Secret against your App
~ Generate Access Token and Access Token Secret against your Twitter Account
~ Setup and Configure Twitter4J basics
~ Tweet your updates programmatically in Java
~ Analyze response from Twitter Server
~ Test your application on your live account!

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I am really happy to study it and being able to reveal my ideas on it. Excellent article, it give a lot of knowledge when I read it, it is very interesting to me, because we are using java application in our school.

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Cool post !

Helio Frota

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Thanks, I'm glad its useful.