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How to pass event between two applications?

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How to use events to trigger reading of a shared memory buffer?

I have a windows application that I need to notify when a finger scanner detects a known finger template. The finger scanner interface runs as a Java application in the background and is launched by the windows application, written in the development tool WinDev from PC Soft in France.

I am new to Java development and have studied the event processing. However, I am not sure how to set up an event source that is not tied to a GUI object. I don't know what type of event to use or if another application can be the "listener".

I have two Java applications using shared memory but they have to use a thread wait loop to look for changes. I would prefer to use events to notify the action application to read the buffer.

Any suggestions on where to go next would be appreciated.

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This could be prevented by only allowing access to the same ip address that entered the database record.

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what language is the code that drivers the finger scanner written in? is it Java or some other language? If it is another language there might be a way you could make use of Java's JNI (Java Native Interface) to have your Java code interact with the code that drives the scanner. How is the scanner driver software set up? does it fire off an event when it senses that a finger has been place on it? if so, it sounds like you just need a way to package that event into an object that could be passes into your java code, maybe your java code could have a constructor that accepts that object, and then maybe using JNI could have the scanner driver software create an object of that class of your java code and pass it that event object and then the java code would check to see if the finger print was a match and if so return a boolean true value to the scanner driver software back through JNI. this is a lot of guessing on my part but sounds like an approach that might work. maybe someone who is an expert on JNI can give more concrete info on it. but hopefully this will give you something to consider to get you started.

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I did find JNI and have downloaded examples. My interface with the scanners is in Java and I need a small C routine to call Windows to post user messages.

Thanks for your reply.