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how to get data back to the server

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Hi! I'm working with Disruptor and ZMQ Server-Client, my classes are in the same package:

App class it has two threads one for the ZMQ Server and the other for the ZMQ Client.

public class Client extends Thread {

public void run() {
// Prepare our context and socket
ZMQ.Context context = ZMQ.context(1);
ZMQ.Socket socket = context.socket(ZMQ.REQ);
socket.connect ("tcp://localhost:5555");
ZMQ.Socket synclient = context.socket(ZMQ.REQ);

//send a synchronization request

//wait for synchronization reply

// Do 10 requests, waiting each time for a response
for(int request_nbr = 0; request_nbr < 100; request_nbr++) {

String requestString = " Hello World ";
byte[] request = requestString.getBytes();
request[request.length-1]=0; //Sets the last byte to 0

socket.send(request, 0);
System.out.println("prova 1");

byte[] reply = socket.recv(0);
final String value = new String(reply);
System.out.println("resposta " +value);


public class Server extends Thread {

ZMQ.Context context = ZMQ.context(1);
ZMQ.Socket socket = context.socket(ZMQ.REP);
protected int CLIENTS_EXPECTED = 1;
private Consumer consumer;

public void run() {
ZMQ.Socket socketsyn = context.socket(ZMQ.REP);

int subscribers =0 ;
while(subscribers< CLIENTS_EXPECTED){
//wait for synchronization request

//send synchronization reply
socketsyn.send("".getBytes(), 0);

byte[] request;
//Wait for next request from client
//We will wait for a 0-terminated string (C string) from the client
request = socket.recv (0);
final String value = new String(request);

Producer producer = new Producer();

The class Producer is storing the request from the Client in a RingBuffer

public class Producer {
private static final int size = 128;
private final ExecutorService executorService;
private final Disruptor disruptor1;
private final RingBuffer ringBuffer1;

executorService = Executors.newCachedThreadPool(); // will use to execute the consumer threads
disruptor1 = new Disruptor(SimpleEvent.FACTORY,size, executorService);
disruptor1.handleEventsWith(new SimpleEventHandler());
ringBuffer1 = disruptor1.getRingBuffer();
public void requestToRingBuffer(String request) { //our producer method

final long sequence =; //claim a slot
SimpleEvent simpleEvent = ringBuffer1.get(sequence);

simpleEvent.time = System.currentTimeMillis();
simpleEvent.text = request;
simpleEvent.level = 0;

ringBuffer1.publish(sequence); //then copy our value into that slot

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Joined: 2012-10-12

I solved it adding this to server class:

private static Server _instance;
private Server() {}
public static Server getInstance() {
if(_instance == null) {
_instance = new Server();
return _instance;

It doesn't allow to create a new server form any other class except from itself, so now I can send the data to the server from the consumer doing this:

Sever.getInstance.getReply(reply); // when you call getInstance you will get the only one server in your project.