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how to download sources to OpenJDK 6 Build 24, or executables build on openjdk 6 Build 14?

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I need to debug web services connected code eg

I have downloaded OpenJDK 6 Build 24 executables from,
where can I find java sources to this build?

sources to openjdk 6-b14 can be found here:
but they of course do not match my executables.

maybe You know where can I download executables build on openjdk6-b14?


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For information about OpenJDK 6 source code, please see - section Code. For source code matching the executables you downloaded from a third party, you'll have to inquire with the party that provided you with the binaries. The OpenJDK 6 Project provides source code, rather then binaries.

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What will be the result of building OpenJDK 6 source bundle
openjdk-6-src-b24-14_nov_2011.tar.gz, 43.62 MB from ?

I am looking for java files for all classes from JDK (I need them for debuging)

In above archive there are no java files, will they appear after build?? Building it is not so easy, I failed with it.

Thanks for reply.