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how to download a excel sheet data ?

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hi i have a application,in this i imported excel sheet data into database,and i retrieved the data also,now when i retrieved the data,the data will be shown in website with table format,in this table format i have 50 rows with check box selection,i want to download the 25 rows from it,i need to select the 25 check boxes and download that data,how it is possible?can any one please help me how it is possible,i am very new to this java,please help me?

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Re: how to download a excel sheet data

As Syed_Naved_Aali said POI is used to store or retrieve excel data. You can you use AJAX to show your data in the way you want. AJAX and POI, both are open sources.

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Multiple solution are there. The easiest solution is, once you are done checking your desired check-boxes send the unique identifier of rows to server then make a separate DB call to fetch data respective to unique identifier then use apache POI to create desired excel and using output stream send response back to client.