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How to close or destroy existing popup whenever i press F1 key to trigger new Popup of JavaHelp System?

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Joined: 2013-03-12

I need help on Java Help System popup window. (JavaHelp 2.0_05)

Let say. i open the popup javaHelp window using F1 key. I did not close the exiting open popup java Help window but then i proceed by press F1 key for other selection.

Right now, what happen is, if i not close the previous popup javaHelp window, it will become two active popup window with different display.

what i want is to have one single popup only. Meaning, whenever i try to open new popup (press F1 key) it will automatically close or destroy the existing popup first and after that open a new popup.

i already take a look on destroy() and setDestroyOnExit(boolean paramBoolean) on WindowPresentation class also, HelpBroker class. but then not sure how it works

any idea on this? really appreciate it