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hi guys ... i got doubt in starting web apps

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hi guys ,

I am actually learning core java since 3 months , by god grace i got job in sql server as fresher, here they are giving training for sql server related to dotnet platform(not programming with c# or Visul basic) so it is kind of training fully on sql server , but i love java and i wanted to learn java practically by doing small projects on my own , but i don't know where to learn to do small web application project s or os application , i also tried downloading some web application project from net but i could not able to deploy it or to run that application to see the result , i means i don't know how to combine all the codes to make it work in real time , some project s are coming with eclipse project file some are coming with folder containing hierarchy of folder which has more codes :(

so can any one suggest me some good books or links for learning how to do a small web application project or os applciation , which explains all the details about deployment , linking app server and web server ext ext ext . thanks in advance

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Here I am sharing one link that may be helpful to create web apps using java.